Wensleydale Meadow

Wild flower meadow in Upper Wensleydale - over our wall

Lady Hill

Entry to Upper Wensleydale

Looking SW from Bellow Hill

Over to Sandy Hill...

Looking West from Bellow Hill

Hay time Bellow Hill looking across to Cotter End over Hardraw...

Across Bellow Hill

Looking North West across Below Hill Wensleydale

Wensleydale Meadow

Wild flower meadow in Upper Wensleydale

Browna Paddocks

Browna Paddocks Wensleydale looking across to Adleborough

Autumn in Wensleydale

Autunm across Upper Wensleydale from above Simonstone

Wensleydale Meadow

Wild flower meadow in Upper Wensleydale

Richard's Dogs

Richard Fawcett - sheep dog demos every Thursday

Swaledale Fields

From Butter Tubs looking into Swaledale

Over to Ingleborough

Ingleborough is the second highest mountain in the Yorkshire Dales one of the Yorkshire Three Peaks

Autumn Mist in Upper Wensleydale

A series of cloud inversions for Autumn in Upper Wensleydale

Heading back to Muker

From Crackpot Hall back to Muker

Heading back to Muker - Summer

Will's Mules

NAD's Hebridean Sheep

Ribblehead Viaduct

Lake Semerwater

Lake Semerwater - water's edge - big sky

Above Semerwater

Grass near Marsett

Swaledale meadow and Barn

Swaledale Barn

Looking down into Upper Swaledale

Frank the Bull



Winter Dawn high Shaw

A working Smithy in Gunnersdie

Wall decoration - Gunnerside

Looking over to Ten End Peat & Dodd Fell

Richard's Dogs

Swaledales with Working Dog

The Autumn Mists

Over Appersett Bottoms in Autumn mist

The 3 Trees. Over Browna Paddocks in Autumn mist

The 3 Trees


Tawny Owl asleep in a tree

Sheep on a roof Muker Swaledale

Sundown Images Wensleydale

Duerley Bottoms - Sleddale - from Green Side

The Swaledale Sheep collective... on Dodd Fell

Surprised Sheep

Grove Head looking NW - The Lakeland Fells in the distance

Grove Head looking NW

Towards Hardraw from Bellow Hill

Great Shunner Fell

about -10 wind chill



Ribblehead Viaduct

Ribblehead Viaduct


Little Grey Fergie

At the Hardraw Scaur Brass Band Festival - about to play

An April shower on Buttertubs

a storm approaches...

Tony's meadow

Sun down on the buttertubs

Hank and Kat - Dales Farmers

Winter skies

Often it's hard to know where the hills stops and the cloud begins...

Winter skies

Winter skies

Winter skies - The rare soft golden light